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2018 FEB Conference  Emmaus Centre - DUBLIN, Republic of Ireland 📷📷 NOVEMBER 29th - DECEMBER 2nd 2018 "TOWARDS UNITY - BUILDING STRATEGIC NETWORKS AND PARTNERSHIPS" Join participants from 20 countries Speakers will include:  Kurt Sprenger (Germany), Lars Dahle (Norway), Niall Barry (Ireland), Beate and Stephan Busch (Germany), Per Birkeli (Norway)

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SNIPPETS - MARCH 2018 In this edition: Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Global, Middle East


UK A review into Sharia law and marriages in the UK has recommended that couples should be required to register Islamic marriages under UK law, and that Sharia Councils should be regulated by the government. But a UK Home Office spokesperson said: “We will not be taking forward the review’s recommendation to regulate Sharia Councils. Sharia law has no jurisdiction in the UK and we would not facilitate or endorse regulation which could present councils as an alternative to UK laws." Contact:

France In 2017 a group of Christian TV producers and broadcasters created a new federation: Fédération Francophone des Médias Chrétiens (F2MC – French Speaking Federation of Christian Medias). In the French speaking world, recent initiatives have resulted in some new Christian TV Channels and production companies. The French speaking countries include French Canada, North and Western Africa, Madagascar and other islands in the Indian Ocean - a total of about 300 million people. The aim of the new group is to establish working partnerships to develop production and increase variety. Patrick Vauclair has been appointed as the chairman. Patrick is managing director of VX-COM Int. and has produced more than 1000 TV shows and documentaries. Among those who have joined this federation are Impact TV, Dieu TV, CNA (Channel North Africa), CBN Europe, Agape Media (production facilities), Studio + Kleeze (production), Grand Angle production, Girault Studio (animation) and others (about 30 partners to date. Contact: or Visit

UK Labour Party transgender activists ‘Labour against Transphobia’ have produced a blacklist of female Labour feminists who are opposed to transgender women being placed on Labour’s all woman shortlist for Parliamentary Candidates. Karen Herradine warns the Conservative party: "Thanks to weak leadership the Tories are also pandering to the transgender cult – to the detriment of the rest of us”. A study from the Campaign for Social Justice shows that the vast majority of teenagers still aspire to marriage, despite a growing trend for cohabitation. More than three out of four youngsters plan on getting married and they also believe that marriage is more than simply living with someone else. Contact:

Refugees / Migrants TWR is reaching out to refugees through the “Love Europe” smartphone app! This app provides a variety of tools for refugees to help them adjust to life in Europe, including a section that points them to useful locations for refugees in their city and a feature that connects them with local individuals who want to help. TWR provides six audio series on the app (including New Country, New Home and Hope for Syria) for refugees who use this app. Contact:

UK An enquiry led by Alex Chalk MP, concluded that Social media companies are not doing enough to combat the threat of cyber-bullying and that the measures being taken by companies like Facebook are ‘inconsistent and inadequate’. Their report concludes: ‘Social media companies cannot continue to ignore the reality that children under the age of 13 are using their sites’, and should make age-appropriate settings. The report also found that 38 percent of young people reported that social media has a negative impact on how they feel about themselves, compared to 23 percent who reported that it has a positive impact. Young people giving evidence to the inquiry described feeling judged and inadequate if they didn’t have enough likes or followers. The inquiry took evidence from over 1,000 children and young people, aged 11-25, global social media companies including Facebook, and a selection of experts and stakeholder organisations including psychologists, and children’s charities. Source: Church of England Newspaper

Serbia IMM’s ‘The Parables of Jesus’ videos have been produced in Serbian helped by national Christians. Over 300 DVDs were placed with teachers in the Belgrade Schools for religion classes last fall. More DVDs were shared through Operation Christmas Child boxes and at that event the director from Macedonia asked. “Can Parables of Jesus be in Macedonian too?” Serbian partners are now moving that project ahead! Contact:

UK Prom Praise in the Royal Albert Hall on 5th May 2018 at 7.30pm is a celebration of talent and ministry dedicated to Christ – with classical musicians and well known worship leaders. For the first time song-writer, Tim Hughes, known for classics such as ‘Here I am to worship’ and ‘Happy day’ will take part.  The evening will include all the regular elements of Prom Praise, with the All Souls Orchestra, a 500-strong choir from around the UK – this year joined by American guest choir The Sons of Jubal – and the opportunity for all to join in worship under the leadership of conductor Noël Tredinnick. Contact:


Mozambique Christians in Northern Mozambique are seeking a deeper knowledge of Christ, but they struggle to discern the truth of the Gospel in the midst of a culture of ethnic and ancestor worship. To meet this need, TWR Canada has distributed Bibles, Audio Bibles and radios in partnership with ShareWord Global and The Bible Society in Mozambique. By combining radio, audio Bible and printed Bibles, listeners can join together to hear the radio programmes, then read or listen to corresponding Scripture, discuss what they have learned and help each other to apply it to their lives. Contact:

Egypt “The New Eve”, a video project of Square One World Media, has just released the second season of its talk show-style programme for television and internet. Filmed in Cairo last summer, Season 2 focuses on personal stories of struggle and victory, with commentary by respected Egyptian counsellors. Season 2 of “The New Eve” began airing on SAT-7 Arabic (in North Africa and the Middle East) in January, 2018, and is also available with English sub-titles. Contact: Shoaib Ebadi at

South Sudan Over 40 years ago Hannu and Laura Haukka began ministering to the people of the Soviet Union through short wave radio broadcasts. This grew into a world-wide ministry and today Great Commission Media Ministries (GCM) is a non-denominational missions organisation which focuses on taking the Gospel to Russia, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. GCM is currently planning a mega city campaign in 2018, in the capital city of South Sudan, Juba. The campaign would be conducted in Sudanese Arabic and English. A message of forgiveness and reconciliation will be transmitted through various outlets, including social media. Contact:


Bangladesh Persistent heavy rains hit Bangladesh in late 2017, raising river levels, which caused extensive landslides and floods. The floods have begun to recede, and patches of land are becoming visible. OM teams have identified 117,800 people who have been affected by the floods. 150 of the families in one district have lost their homes, land, livelihood, animals, and even family members. Of those who have lost their homes, it is estimated that a quarter have moved in with relatives, with as many as 15 people squeezed into one small house. The remainder have been living under tarpaulins by the roadside. Once the floods have fully receded, and the land is dry enough to build on, OM will seek to build 200 homes for the most needy. Contact:

Indonesia The I AM Channel is subtitling or dubbing hundreds of programmes and spots of IMM’s video archive into Indonesian to air in 2018! It is the world’s largest Muslim country and  eighty percent of the nation’s 260 million people follow Islam. More than 25% of Indonesia’s people groups are unreached and these programmes can be seen across the country. Contact:


Approximately 82 million Christian evangelicals live in Latin American countries. In some countries, there are anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000 evangelical churches. Logos Hope is touring Latin America for two years as a catalytic agent of mobilisation, training and resource-development. As the ship spends several weeks in each port, her crew members will share their faith with thousands of visitors every day. The onboard events will focus on mobilising Christians and raising funds for world mission. Contact:


Global News Alliance The Global News Alliance, led by Stan Jeter is now supplying the Christian broadcast community with news items. This is a new faith venture to work with Christian Broadcasters worldwide and promote their ministries. Contact:

Anglican The C of E Synod has endorsed Anglican Communion links as central to mission and discipleship. Anglican primates from Pakistan, Southern Africa, New Zealand and Polynesia received a standing ovation from members of the Church of England’s General Synod. The Bishop of Peshawar, Humphrey Peters, the Archbishop of Cape Town, Thabo Makgoba and the Archbishop of Polynesia, Winston Halapua, each addressed the Synod ahead of a debate about Companion Links. Following the debate, the Synod approved a motion which affirmed the links between the Church of England’s dioceses and other parts of the Anglican Communion. Source: Anglican Communion News Service


Iraq / Kurdistan International Media Ministries (IMM) reports that connections to Kurdish Parables of Jesus and short spots were delivered to on-the-ground outreach groups in 4 countries for local, online, and mobile use. In one month – the Kurdish version of The Lost Son video story received tens of thousands of views via social networking from one outlet! Contact:

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