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CEVMA 2019

CEVMA 2019

2019 CEVMA Conference in Dublin, Ireland

CEVMA 2019
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The next CEVMA Conference will be held from 11-15 September 2019 in Dublin, Ireland.

The conference is an invaluable opportunity for Christians in visual media to meet, network, share ideas, projects and challenges and get spiritually refreshed.

The theme for CEVMA 2019 is ‘For such a time as this’</span>

What a time to be involved in Christian Visual Media! How are you looking at this statement? Are you filled with excitement at all the opportunities that exist? All those latest gismos that are on the market, gateways that open to the world through new media. The digital platforms that are out there ready to take our productions into the world.

Or are you filled with dread, struggling to find finance, wondering how you are going to make use of the resources you have. How am I going to adapt to all the change with traditional methods no longer acceptable?

And when you look at the world around you, how do you respond to the needs you see? Are you challenged to get out there and do something? Are you bursting with ideas to visualise, inspire, bring hope and share the love of Jesus?

Or are you daunted by the opposition of a world gone mad with political correctness? Where it’s not cool to be a Christian. In a world where people are tearing each other apart, family values don’t exist, wars are rife, people are starving while others live in excess.

One thing is for sure, that God has placed us in Visual Media for ‘such a time as this’. How can we remain silent? As Christians in the world of visual media we are in the midst of a battle between good and evil. God has given us a job to do and in CEVMA our desire is to encourage, inform, connect, equip and support one another in the role God has chosen for us to live out.

Whatever your role, which ever position you are coming from, there is something for you, for such a time as this!

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